Support Cross-Functional Project Requests and Ensure Project Delivery On-time and on budget

Laden with federal budget reductions and the increasing demand for new initiatives that require collaboration, innovation and the use of new technologies, our client needed to implement a system that would effectively manage multiple projects while balancing resources in order to to meet strategic objectives.

fedstar Solution:

After conducting an assessment of existing levels of project management maturity and competency, the FedStar team converted their findings into actionable tasks designed to manage supply, demand and output. We customized a project management methodology to match our client’s culture that is comprised of both traditional project management and agile project management methodologies. This included the development and implementation of a standard process to document and collect project initiatives across all lines of business. Innovative web-based tools were created to:

  • Capture New Standardized Concept Documentation
  • Apply a Resource Matrix Scorecard for Each Project
  • Enable Project Summary Reporting

This provided Release Management Summary Reporting for Senior Management consumption.

Services Provided:

  • Business Process Engineering
  • Project Management


FedStar delivered a Release Management Process that included the implementation of standards to document and store development initiatives across all lines of business and capture comprehensive project requirements and cost-benefit analysis through the use of templates and innovative technologies. The process allows for improved resource utilization, ability to communicate project initiatives, deliver on-time projects and forecast available resources. The organization now promotes scheduled releases driving predictability and fiscal responsibility.