DEVELOPment of a Cost-Effective virtual Communication tool

The Office of Human Capital Management (OHCM) provides strategies, solutions and services that support the achievement of NASA’s mission, by planning for and providing the right talent, at the right time to ensure mission success. OHCM provides a wide range of services to the Agency’s 3,000+ civil service employees located in 10 NASA Centers and other remote locations across the country.

Beginning in 2012, OHCM began implementation of a new government-wide Senior Executive Service (SES) performance appraisal system (PAS). Major changes were made to the end-of-year closeout process and the way in which executive performance summary ratings were derived. NASA OHCM’s challenge: to communicate the SES PAS changes to a wide audience of executives distributed across the Agency, in a way that was engaging, efficient and cost-effective.

fedstar Solution:

To address OHCM’s need, FedStar identified and recommended a cost effective virtual platform that was both secure and easy to use. Working within a tight timeline, we developed training plans and created event storyboards for each training module. This gave OHCM trainers in-depth, hands on exposure on how to deliver high-impact, engaging and interactive virtual learning experiences. FedStar provided project management oversight including logistics support, technology coordination, content development and communication plans to ensure a successful event delivery.

Services Provided:

  • Business Process Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Event & Training Support
  • Federal Acquisition Management Support


As a result of the virtual delivery, OHCM saved thousands of dollars in avoided travel costs and lost productivity from executive travel time. The success of this new format has since stimulated the delivery of several other virtual events to audiences at NASA Centers located around the country. The reduced costs attributed to virtual training will enable OHCM to address priority developmental programs while still continuing to provide just-in-time topical learning to practitioners. With FedStar’s support, OHCM is now seen as a leader in virtual collaboration within the Agency and serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to other NASA organizations on the topic.