Provide A Defined architecture that IMPLEMENTS a strategic direction to meet division goals and objectives

FedStar was tasked to design and implement a program management office during APPEL’s expansion, including a governance model to implement its strategic investments, customized life cycles, and oversight.

fedstar Solution:

In collaboration with key stakeholders, FedStar defined a structure of components, their relationships, and the principles and guidelines governing their design. Aligned programs and projects to customized life cycles that are similar to NASA's Procedural Requirements (NPR) 7120. 5D, NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements.

The scope includes program/project authorization, operational concepts that respond to and satisfy requirements, integrated cost and schedule and alignment with planned budgets, risk identification and mitigation, and life cycle review process to ensure a credible, objective independent assessment. Other components included a communications strategy to assure stakeholder buy-in, as well as evaluation criteria to score projects and provide program oversight across all projects for transparency and accountability.

Services provided:

PMO Implementation services that Included:

  • Business Process Engineering
  • Project Management


All authorized projects now include resource allocation, cost analysis, and weekly web-based monitoring of project implementation and life cycle management that captures pertinent data and makes it available to designated program/project managers. The development of a customized PMO has made it possible for APPEL to manage its strategic investments in a consistent way to balance scarce resources and meet strategic objectives.